Welcome to VisionPointe Homes.

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At VisionPointe Homes we have a passion for improving historic neighborhoods – building new homes and revitalizing older homes, historic homes, and homes that need new life and modern conveniences. With each renovation, we honor a home’s original character and maximize the potential for how the home lives.

When we design and build new homes, it is with a historic sensitivity to the surrounding neighborhood. We strive for a thougthtful, contemporary feel in our floorplans and a casual luxury in our finishes. We put quality and care into each home that we design. Each home that we build is unique, no two ever exactly alike. Owning a VisionPointe Homes is owning a one-of-a kind.

We are not a big, production builder. We build or renovate 7-10 homes a year. That gives us the time we need to put significant thought and care into each one that we do.

Earl Burdette, President and CEO of VisionPointe Homes, has been involved in commercial and residential construction for over 30 years. He is an Atlanta native from the Lakewood area of Intown Atlanta. As a Realtor working with builders and renovators, Earl developed the desire to launch his own company with a vision of revitalizing the older, historic neighborhoods of Atlanta. This vision has evolved to designing and building new homes, as well as continuing to renovate older homes,  to meet the needs and personality of today’s new home buyers.

Please view Available Homes and Past Projects to see photos of work by VisionPointe Homes.